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     So last night Division 1A football had their first ever playoff games, and boy were they terrific! You didn’t have to be an Oregon fan to enjoy the absolute brilliance of their offense in the Rose bowl, and The Sugar Bowl was a perfect matchup of two of the best college coaches around as Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes took on Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide. A playoff in division 1A, now known as FBS football, has been discussed and debated for years, and now that we finally have one something still bothers me about it. I am thrilled since the games were terrific, and the teams I rooted for won, but the playoff selection committee stinks terribly of BCS influence. The selection committee oddly, yet seemingly rightfully, omitted TCU and Baylor from the playoffs even though they were ranked higher than Ohio State. I personally blame the head of the Big 12 for naming “Co-Champions,” essentially dumbing down the merits of their conference and leading the committee to easily vote only “true champions” into a playoff meant to crown the nation’s “One True Champion.” it’s actually quite hilarious that the Big 12 took to BCS tactics to try and get a crack at the playoffs which were meant to fix the BCS, I guess old dogs really can’t learn new tricks. While the selection committee most likely got it right, their choices left me wondering if it is possible for the little guy to ever make it into these playoffs. A team like Marshall had a wonderful shot at being undefeated this season, yet they were never ranked higher than #18 all year, they surely would have never been voted into the playoffs even if they were the only undefeated team in the country, that sounds like utter BCS to me. The top 4 teams who made the playoffs were all “brand name” programs from 4 distinct regions, 4 major conferences, and 4 major money makers for ESPN, who happens to hold exclusive rights to broadcast these games. I don’t want to call total BCS on the choices the committee made to represent the first College football playoff, since the games were great, but give it a couple of years and we will slowly see the same debates that came with the BCS system. As smaller schools and programs with less clout improve, will they get the same level of consideration as the SEC powerhouses? Only time will tell as we look ahead to see how far from the BCS this playoff system has really gone.