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A good friend of mine once told me I “need to learn how to relax.” Me? The most easy going guy around, it seemed shocking but there is actually some weight to his assertion. While many people consider me calm, carefree, and even keeled, I am constantly working on something internally. I always have some sort of project that needs to be dealt with and I don’t seem to have the capacity to “put it away” until it is complete.  As calm as I am, my ideal level of relaxation is enjoying a rowdy sporting event, or listening to the complicated beats of EDM (electronic dance music). Relaxation to me is an activity, I have to actively keep myself from thinking about the “important” things in life in order to stay relaxed, perhaps this is anxiety rather than relaxation. In order to relax, one must realize the importance of relaxation, it’s actually good for the heart, the mind, the body, everything. Humans need to rest in order to work effectively, and ever reach their highest potential. I have decided to take today as a total relaxation day, and it has been most enjoyable. In order to stave off the thoughts of “important objectives,” I have decided to work on fun and interesting tasks that kept me busy but still subdued my thoughts of other things, less “fun” things. I guess the gist of this posting is you need to learn to relax, take a day off and enjoy life. There is no reason to be miserable while working your way towards happiness.