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Today a sports broadcasting legend died, Stuart Scott, who was one of the personalities that lead to the immense popularity of ESPN SportsCenter and subsequent copycat television shows. Stuart Scott was not just a great sportscaster but also a great father, friend, and an inspiration to many who knew him and the millions who knew of him. Scott’s battle with cancer was not hidden from his fans, as he often would appear on the air between treatments and when in remission, but his sudden death is quite shocking. The death of Stuart Scott, as upsetting as it is on its own, causes me to think about how unsettling cancer is in general and the research that has been done, and can be done to combat it. Cancer is basically the vicious multiplication of abnormal or rogue cells, which manifest as tumors or cell masses that can be very problematic especially if they start to spread throughout the body. Now I don’t want to sound like I have magically figured out how to simplify one of the most complicated and distressing issues of the past couple centuries, but I feel like there has to be a more efficient way to treat each cancer specifically. While I understand it is a ridiculously daunting task, I like to hope that each individual organization can use the funds they raise and receive to target the root of the form of cancer in which they specialize, and use all of their efforts to find treatments one disease at a time. I also find myself wondering if the more rare, less researched forms of cancer could hold the key to curing this terrible condition once and for all. Wouldn’t it be interesting if by finding a breakthrough treatment for Neuroblastoma we stumble upon a cure for other forms of cancer? I really hope within this decade we will be able to pinpoint a “game changer” and as a people win the fight against cancer. To all of those living with cancer, keep fighting! I leave you with the words of Stuart Scott in his acceptance speech for the Jimmy V Perseverance Award “You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.” Keep living and keep winning.

Rest In Peace Mr. Scott