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The reason I write this blog is to keep my brain from dying so to speak. In my opinion there are three ways to keep your mind sharp, reading, writing, and mathematics. As you may have noticed from reading this blog, I have a lot of ideas, too many to count, this blog is basically a written translation of my thoughts. I have found that coming up with different topics everyday is harder than I realized, while I do have enough ideas in mind to write about, it would be majorly unwise to post my unfiltered thoughts. Throughout the year as I continue to post on this page I may post some editorials, some reviews, and even videos. I will definitely end up returning to the more interesting topics, most likely due to a change in my views of a subject, or newly found data, so this blog should probably be named “365 Posts” rather than topics. I hope you will follow along throughout the year, and join me as I write about random musings. I realize this should have been my first post, but I didn’t really think about it until I got this far. I am a creative writer and I just wanted to give myself a reason to write everyday. I hope in reading this blog you are enriched in some way, anyhow, thanks for reading.