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     Today’s post is going to be a review, I will be reviewing a new device from a small startup out of Seattle named Pivotal Living. This company is very interesting in the fact that they are tackling fitness and wearables in a new and interesting way, they have decided to charge $12 a year for an app membership, and give away the fitness band for free. Late last year Pivotal Living released their new device and fitness application, known as the Pivotal Tracker 1. This device has been marketed as a fitness device for all, without the high price tag of some of its competitors.


     The first thing you would notice about this device is its build. The Pivotal Tracker 1 is a sleek device that is well put together, its single button is easily accessible and its OLED screen is bright and clear in any light. The device has a great battery, it is said to last 5 – 7 days on one 60 minute charge, and it keeps track of steps taken, calories burned, and sleep. The Pivotal tracker 1 has a minimal price tag of $15 including shipping, and when working correctly, it is a steal for the features it boasts. My device worked very well for the first couple of days, it was quite remarkable how it was able to track my sleeping patterns and my steps, however on the third day I did start having issues. My band reset, erased my progress, and no longer allowed me to sync my information to my phone until the battery drained. I checked the company support page and was given this explanation:

Our hardware engineers confirmed that for a small percentage of our member base, accumulated static electricity generated from friction between clothing fabric and the surface of the wristband and/or from spending long periods of time in carpeted spaces, may cause the Pivotal Tracker 1 band to randomly reset.

     That news was a huge bummer for me, I actually legitimately love using this device and hope they can come up with some sort of fix for this problem in the future. As for my review I would have to say it is a great device with a very low price tag, I would not recommend this device due to its current issues. I am rooting for this company, I will keep my band and hope for a fix. Keep an eye out for this company in 2015 bigs things will come of this software and device.