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     Many people workout for many reasons, some do it to stay healthy, some do it to look good, and others do it out of necessity. I like to look at going to the gym and working out as an activity that is fun and should be for everybody, but is not actually for everybody. Now Im not saying people should not workout, I think its very important to stay active. I think people should find the right kind of workout that they can keep up with and stick to, something they enjoy. I personally love working out, I have lost over 100 pounds doing at home workouts. I know many people who swear by at home workouts, I also know many who detest them, the fact that people can have such strong opinions on how others stay active is one of my biggest pet peeves. The human body is a very complex mechanism, many people like to base the limits of all human bodies on their own limits, without taking into account the basic diversities in all humans. I like to use a 300 pound football player as an example, many people would look at this individual and say “he is not fit,” but in most cases this individual can lift more, run faster, and have more endurance than a 160 pound body builder. The training regimens, and diets of each individual are very different, but both men workout regularly and are “fit” in their own right. I believe there is no “one right way” to workout, and people need to find what works for them, what works for their body and do it. I do not think the gym is for everybody, many people cannot find the time to go, or feel uncomfortable asking others how to use the different equipment. I am not going to say going to the gym will not work since any new level of activity, when done correctly, will produce results, but I will say it is best to research what ever regimen you decide to begin. I always say “preparation breeds success,” and the best way to get to any level of achievement is proper preparation. I will close this post by saying, if you want to work out, do it your way. There is nothing more annoying than an unpaid unwanted personal trainer criticizing your fitness choices.