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What is progress? By that I mean what is true progress as in improvement, can it be placed on a scale and weighed? Can one’s progress be the regression of others or is all progress total “forward motion.” I guess the best way to answer these questions is to look at examples of progress in different cultures. Progress is not a tangible thing it is a cultural idea that just falls along the lines of social norms. In some cultures it would be considered progress just to go to college and graduate, while another may see that as a basic necessity. It is kind of interesting how someone’s progress can actually be held back by the standards of their culture. Consider the fact that some countries forbid young women from doing simple things such as driving and going to school. In America we would consider this extreme regression but in those countries and cultures, I guess they feel the progress of the woman is determined by her ability to be a wife and a mother to a wealthy man and his children respectively. The idea of “social progress” has sprung up, in large part due to the influence of Facebook and Twitter, and has created a more uniform view throughout the world of how progress should look. The ideas behind social and cultural progress clash on many fronts, social progress asks the questions that lead to progress, while cultural progress is long standing and often leaves little to no room for questioning. I personally understand how people can desire a uniformed standard for progress, and how people have to fight for the right to move forward. It is also clear to that due to the strong level of cultural involvement in the lives of many, and the fact that these cultural norms are woven into the fabric of almost all “non-westernized” countries, the desire for a uniformed definition of progress will have to wait for another time or generation. There is one thing true about all levels of progress, no matter the level “progress is a process” and it takes time to get where you want to be, but as long as you go through the process of fighting for it you will make progress.