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“Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.”

-Mason Cooley

This is one of the truest quotes I’ve read in a long time. Have you ever found yourself lost in procrastination while studying or trying to write a paper? It definitely makes even the shortest of projects, appear extremely lengthy, and that is in no part due to the amount of time wasted in procrastination. It is quite amazing how the act of procrastination can completely derail the momentum of a project. Procrastination is the lack of momentum, the moment you decide to procrastinate you basically have chosen to quit now and start over later. I have grown enough and done enough time wasting that I can pinpoint my causes for procrastination. I have found myself procrastinating whenever I have deemed a project too easy, it’s almost as though my mind wants a challenge and will create one to appease its sadistic desire. I have also found procrastination occurs when research is involved, I used to take time to plot out my points of research before actually getting to work, it was like preparation to prepare, which is an advanced method of procrastination. Procrastination is a very common issue but it can be beaten. To beat procrastination it helps to set completion goals for yourself, or even make a game of your work in order to have a more enjoyable completion. There is no reason to put things off if you have the ability to do them today. In everything you do, focus and work until completion, nothing ruins a good day like procrastination.