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Don’t let bitterness destroy your life. Bitterness is a feeling that is breed from anger and unforgiveness. Anger is a natural response to being wronged, there is nothing wrong with being angry, it’s how you handle it that defines you. Unforgiveness is when you are unwilling to let the cause of your anger off the hook, when you allow anger to fester in unforgiveness you are left with pure bitterness. A bitter person hates everything, and cannot find happiness, all due to the fact that they could not let an infraction go. I understand there are certain things that may seem unforgivable, but when it is causing bitterness, it becomes a bigger problem than the infraction. The main problem with bitterness is unforgiveness and forgiving is a tough task, quite possibly one of the hardest things to do but it is key to regaining your happiness and relief. A quote comes to mind when I think about unforgiveness, “ Harboring unforgiveness is like drinking poison, and expecting your offender to die.” The best thing to do to live a life free of bitterness is to forgive and move on, I know it’s hard, but the amount of relief you get from dropping that bitterness is equal to a lifetime of joy.