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I’m going to be out in the wilderness for the weekend, so unless I get some random inspiration, I will photo blog Saturday and Sunday.

People need to get out of their comfort zone more often, it’s alarming to me when I meet someone who is over 25 years old that has never left their hometown. I mean seriously, you must have some desire to adventure beyond what you see everyday. I understand some people have many responsibilities, and are just not able to get around, but I feel like it should be almost mandatory to get out and see what is going on in the world. I know some people that are compete “comfort zoners” that is a term I call a person who is absolutely unwilling to do new things, or try new things. I feel as though the inability to get out of the comfort zone is a product of upbringing, some parents baby their children way too long and basically allow them to run the show. My parenting theory has a twofold effect in comfort zoners, they are more likely to stay where their parents are which keeps them close to home, and they are used to being appeased so they will refuse anything they do not want. No matter your upbringing, it is beneficial to get out of your comfort zone. The best way to get to know the world is first hand, go out and see all the amazing things, and please leave the comfort zone at home.