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Just a little view from over here…in the cold.

It’s interesting the ideas that come to mind while in the shower, it seems as though the most creative thoughts come out while showering. There is an interesting phenomena that happens when doing mundane tasks, the mind seems to reach into its most creative parts and form thoughts and ideas. It’s almost as if the mind knows what the task is so well that it starts doing its own thing. The show “30 Rock” actually addressed this phenomena in an episode titled “The Shower Principle,” in this episode one of the main characters had a shower installed in his office in order to increase his productivity. The Shower Principle may not actually be a term but the effects a combination of showering and mundane tasks have on the mind are unmistakable. I have personally written two short books in the shower, so I am a strong believer in “the shower principle,” and hopefully a future office shower owner. If you are ever in a pickle or need to make a quick decision, consider taking a shower, you may end up with an amazing solution.