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It’s good to get unplugged from time to time, and by that I mean pulling yourself away from television and the Internet, especially social media. The amount of personal growth you can go through when you take time to read and do other non digital tasks is amazing. Over this weekend I had a chance to do just that, and I am thankful I had the opportunity. Unplugging yourself gives you the chance to legitimately think about things that matter, things that matter to you. When you are constantly bombarded by external stimuli from television and social media you are actually becoming less sociable. Think about it, sure you will be able to talk about that last episode of a drama or that news story but you will have nothing to say about yourself. I would like to challenge a reader to take the time to unplug yourself for a weekend, and do something you usually would not do. You may find out you like it and end up enriching your life beyond expectation.