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Have you ever done something you just can not forgive yourself for? I briefly wrote about forgiveness in my post about bitterness and about how hard it is to do, it is even harder to forgive yourself for the wrongs you think you commit. I absolutely hate when I have wronged someone, even when they don’t even know, and I can honestly say regret is one of the most annoying emotions I have ever felt. I have even had situations when I have regretted things that were not even my fault. Regret is the sad feeling you get when you know you are wrong, it is that pressing feeling that pushes you to make the situation “right.” Regret is one of the feelings that makes us human, it gives us the ability to truly empathize with another and actually feel the pain you may have put them through. Regret, while extremely useful in social life, can also be harmful and misleading in some situations. Regret can be used against people by those who choose not to forgive. There are some individuals that can use regret to get others to hate themselves for things that were done in the past. People even find themselves in spirals of depression all due to regretting their former actions. The best way to compete with and even defeat regret is to find those you have wronged and sincerely apologize for your actions. Even when you have been forgiven you must then relax and take the time to forgive yourself. If you ever find yourself in a place of regret for something you have once done remember this phrase, you are human and you will make mistakes, mistakes do not define who you are, so do not allow your past mistakes to define your future actions.