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The first impression you have of someone effects all of your interactions until you really get to know them. A negative first impression can cause a litany of misunderstandings and can derail what could possibly be a pleasurable and long-term relationship. I have met people in less than flattering situations, and formed skewed perceptions of who they were based on these first impressions. I too have had people think wrongly of who I am, due to their assumptions of me based on our first meeting. While it may seem that all first impressions are based on appearance and assumptions of others, they can also be formed by the personality of the observed. If a person is introverted and quiet, some may believe they are self centered or arrogant, without even speaking to them. First impressions are important, whenever you interview for a position, or go out on a date you are under review. While I understand the negatives that come with first impressions, usually based on irrational prejudices, it is important to take that chance to make sure you leave a lasting and positive one. You can not change the way people see you initially, but you can make sure the way you interact with them leaves an overall positive impression. It helps to go into every new situation with the consideration that you are being watched. When I say being watched I do not mean to live in a state of constant paranoia, I am just trying to convey how important your actions can be to your future relationships. When considering first impressions remember the old quote, “a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.”