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Habits are behaviors that are ingrained in our minds, so much so that they are usually unintentional. There is a popular myth that it takes 21 days to form a habit, which is why it is the topic of the twenty-first post. Often times when I hear anyone talk about the “21 day myth,” I notice they are not even really taking about habits at all. I have observed people time and time again starting diets and reading plans, while constantly trying to find some way to trick the mind into believing if they do it long enough they will no longer hate it. The funny thing about habits is, love them or hate them, they are nearly uncontrollable until you face them head on. It is impossible to slay a dragon if you question it’s existence, it is even less likely you will breed dragons if you are trying to force yourself to believe they exist. Habits are dragons, they are there if you have them, but if you are trying to foster them they are just aberrations. I don’t want to go as far as saying it is impossible to form habits, but I will say you can not turn something you completely hate into a habit with just sheer will and time. If you seriously want to start some positive habits, find a way to enjoy your target behavior, and stop trying to trick yourself into liking it.