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Motivation is a very interesting subject, motivation can be defined as a strong drive to accomplish a goal or overcome an obstacle. Every successful person can plainly state their motivation for achieving their goals, no matter how rudimentary, yet everyone has a different source of motivation. While some are motivated by the drive to prove others wrong, many can actually be motivated by the desire to prove themselves right. Highly motivated individuals generally do not need much external encouragement, these individual are driven by the drive to prove they are as good as they think they are. Consider the great basketball player Michael Jordan, he was famously cut from a high school basketball team, yet grew up to be arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. I understand many people would believe Jordan was trying to prove the high school coaches wrong, but upon watching his career and his social interactions, its easy to see he is just a competitive, highly motivated guy, who knew he was the best. Motivation is something of a mystery when it comes down to it, I am mostly intrigued by how several individuals can be in the exact same situation, yet derive motivation from different sources. Is motivation something we are born with, or is it a learned behavior? I guess motivation could be a product of both nature and nurture, a circumstance that motivates some could cause others to completely give up. There are people in this world who could be considered “hyper motivated” individuals. A “hyper motivated” person is extremely resilient, and almost unbreakable, these individuals can go far beyond their perceived breaking point and come back to achieve well above their set goals. While it is difficult to actually pinpoint the origin of motivation, it is important to understand what motivates you, and to use it to reach your goals.