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I miss the days when snow was actually fun, back when I was a child or even a college student, snow was all fun and games. There was nothing to clean up, no school to go to, and just an excuse to sit at home or go out and play. Adult snow days yield a wide range of emotional responses, they can be boring, upsetting, and even downright annoying. Adult snow days include shoveling snow, cleaning off cars, cancelling plans, and worrying about delayed flights, it’s a long way from the elation that once came with snowy weather. I still enjoy snow, I love how it looks when it falls, I love throwing a nicely packed snowball at an unsuspecting friend, and I love building snowmen, but the stress that comes with snow far outweighs the fun of it. Snow days are one of the things kids, in areas that snow at least, really take for granted. I remember loving snow days, but never giving much thought to anything other than the lack of school, and the joys that came with it. I guess one of the major benefits of being a child is having the chance to just enjoy moments without worrying about fully comprehending them, and snow days are just another moment to enjoy. I will be enjoying my snow day by digging out my car, then attempting to warm myself up with hot cocoa and a movie. Hopefully those of you caught in similar weather can find an enjoyable way to relieve the stress.