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Growing up in America has definitely changed from when I was a child. I know I’m not that old, but kids these days are just way different from how we were in the past. There is no simple way to form a comparison, but I have compiled 4 major reasons why I feel growing up in the 90s was better than growing up in the 2000s.

  1. Food

I know the food of the 90s was majorly unhealthy, but it tasted so good. In the 1990s everything had more sugar, and with the more health conscious consumer of today, those products would sell extremely poorly. The food of today has a distinct lack of variety, everything is just a clone of a clone. Perhaps we were all just guinea pigs, used for a wide scale taste test, either way the food and snacks were just better with more sugar and coloring.

  1. Scientific studies

Maybe it was due to less available funding, or more actual scientific progress, but in the 90s scientific studies were not as widely reported and as wildly overblown as they are today. My parents and I watched the news all the time while I was growing up, and at no time did I hear reports about how “dogs prefer new toys,” that is an actual recent scientific study. I guess it could be due to the fact that the media had more to report, but I honestly only remember legitimate scientific news being widely discussed.

  1. Toys

Toys are dead, nobody cares about Barbie or G.I. Joe anymore. The only way children even learn about toys is through television shows and movies, but I will get to that. A friend of mine who was teaching a class asked a group of children what they wanted for Christmas, and all of the children wanted an iPad or a Nintendo WiiU. Toys of today are unoriginal and uninspired, it’s a shame that kids today may not be able to make nostalgic purchases in the future, since their old iPads will be outdated and probably broken.

  1. Television

Where do I start with this one, television today is out of control. I decided to watch cartoon network for a little while, and I realized most of the shows are basically drug-induced fantasies full of jokes that I would not have understood as a child. Maybe the children of today are more advanced than 90s children, or maybe all of these shows are actually for adults, but have childish characters to be “kid friendly.” I also dislike how every show is a blatant advertisement for a video game, a toy, or a movie. In the 90s we had shows that pushed toys in micro ads, now some shows are just advertisements, the most popular toys and games are tied to specific shows that are based on them.

There are many differences between growing up 20 years ago and growing up today. I really hope the kids today have solid memories of their childhood, and a basis of comparison to the very different world they will be living in 20 years from now.