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The human race is extremely interesting and remarkable. Throughout time humans have defied nature and shown we can construct the ability to fly, deep sea dive, and travel into space. The human brain has shown to be man’s most useful tool, but the items produced by the brain are not the height of its usefulness. The human brain has the ability to develop some interesting functions, today I read about a blind man named Daniel Kish who learned to navigate his surroundings using echolocation. As a child Daniel was allowed to discover his surroundings more freely than a blind child regularly would, and with that freedom he developed a method of mapping out his world. Daniel made clicking sounds with his mouth or his cane and used the echoes that returned to form a picture of his environment, without actually being able to see it. He has advanced his ability to such a level that he is able to bike through wilderness regions. The story of Daniel leads me to wonder about the actual limits of the human mind, most people believe what they are taught, but imagine if more people would disregard societal norms and actual push their brain to do more. There is a common myth that humans only use about 10% of their brain capacity, even though it is just a myth, it was probably used to help people understand how some can harness such astounding abilities. In this world that is so concerned with normalcy, it is amazing that humans can deviate from the norm and form new abilities through natural adaptation. Human adaptation is extremely intriguing, hopefully one day all humans will be able to use abilities such as echolocation completely unhindered.