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Today is Super Bowl Sunday, one of the biggest days in sports and probably the biggest day in advertising. Today’s game matches the stellar defense of the Seattle Seahawks with the mammoth offense of the New England Patriots, truly a game for the ages. During the season both teams had their issues with personnel and play calling, but they have shown their resiliency in winning their way to the big game. If I was told at the midpoint of the season that these two teams would be playing in the Super Bowl, I would have scoffed at the absurdity of the prediction. Both teams looked far from the level of champions, but they have since shown that they are more than qualified to be crowned the best team in football. My prediction for this matchup is the Seahawks will win 27 – 17, the Seahawks defense is way too tough for the Pats, and they will be sure to keep New England quarterback Tom Brady on the run. The Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, will roll all over the Patriots in this one and it will be game over by late in the third quarter. I’m sure the first half will be competitive, but the Seahawks will keep the ball away from Brady and win their second championship. Hopefully my prediction is correct, either way I will surely be enjoying a great game.