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The Super Bowl was an amazing game that was flanked by lackluster commercials, and topped off with a terrible play. I must start by saying congratulations to the Patriots, they stuck to their game plan and did not get frazzled when it seemed they would lose the game. My prediction was wrong, the Seahawks just could not keep the lead as I thought they would. I predicted Seattle would gain the lead, then run out the clock by running the football, but it seems as though the coaching staff had other plans. Seattle coach Pete Carroll called plays as though he had a personal issue with running back, Marshawn Lynch. The string of odd play calls culminated in the last seconds as Seattle turned the ball over with less than 30 seconds left on the clock. Football fans all over the world have expressed their disapproval of the final play, which essentially handed the Patriots a championship. How could a team who has one yard to go and the best running back in the league, throw the ball at a time like that? Many football analyst blame the play call on the devaluation of the running back position, I blame it on classic coaching hubris, Carroll used his “coaching genius” to out coach himself. I don’t expect the Seahawks to bounce back from this one, as a loss like this can sting for several years. Once again congratulations New England Patriots on a great season, and a Super Bowl win, hopefully next year the games ends on a less controversial note.