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While I was preparing this post about dreams, I found an old blog I had written 4 years ago on the same topic. In my post I described a very vivid dream I had the night before. I will quote my previous work here and give a new interpretation of the dream, I have grown considerably and so has my interpretation.

     Dreams are very interesting occurrences, it is interesting how a dream can teach you so much about the world while sticking only to what you know.  Its almost as though your brain has something to tell you, but it waits until you sleep.  I recently had one such dream and the message I got from it was quite compelling.  In my dream I was standing on a subway platform and a woman was near me holding her baby, the woman walked away from her baby to tend to other things and the baby started roaming freely.  I watched as the baby climbed onto a small beam, then proceeded to fall off of it and into some mud. Realizing the baby needed some sort of supervision, I walked over to him to pick him up. When I picked the baby up I noticed he now had several tattoos displayed all over his body. The baby’s tattoos were of baby things like bottles and pacifiers. I began to speak to the baby, as I would an adult, I told him “wow these tattoos are really cool, but you are going to think they look foolish when you grow up.”  The baby just looked at me as a baby would, smiled, and began to giggle.

when I originally wrote this post in 2011 I likened the baby to a young adult, who was living for the moment. As soon as he got his freedom he did everything that wasn’t allowed, even if it caused him harm. After rereading this dream I now have a more elaborate interpretation. The baby was not only causing himself harm and living for his freedom, but he was also doing it with no regard for any type of correction. In the dream after I spoke to the baby he just giggled, I understand what I said probably doesn’t mater to a baby but it wasn’t even taken into consideration. I would say that perhaps this baby was me, when I was growing up, I was somewhat inflexible. I rarely put any weight or thought into the advice or concerns of my parents or elders. I often would scoff at advice that I just didn’t understand, much like the laughter of the baby. I am happy to say I have grown much in the last 4 years, and kept my foolish decisions rather tame. Hopefully nobody will consider me an “independent baby.”