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We have all heard the common phrase “everybody makes mistakes.” The phrase lets us know mistakes will happen, but it can’t prepare us for our reaction to our own mistakes. Depending on the severity of a mistake, they can be quite haunting. A mistake made years ago can have an effect on the tasks of today. Mistakes often hinder the person who committed them most, they are the ones who have the ability to see where they went wrong, and the ones who have to replay the mistakes in their mind. Mistakes do not always have to be huge to affect everyday life. I think back to when I first started driving, I made so many small mistakes that could have been way worse than they turned out. I actually considered quitting driving all together, but I am thankful that I was able to get over my mistakes, overcome my fears, and get back to driving. It’s pretty astounding to consider how many things people deprave themselves of due to small mistakes. Mistakes are not meant to obstruct our growth, they are tools useful to our progression, and necessary for effective growth. I would never have learned anything in life if I had been mistake free. I have learned from my mistakes in school and in everyday life and I am grateful for the learning experience. The only way to deal with mistakes is to look at them as learning material, do not take pity on yourself for your mistakes, and don’t use them as a license to fail. When you use mistakes to propel yourself forward, you will find yourself making fewer mistakes.