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I am 100 percent for getting vaccinations and I understand why it is important to be vaccinated against infectious diseases however, I am highly against the current talk of forcing individuals to get them. The deadly disease known as The Measles has seemingly made a comeback, and it has prompted widespread fear due to the fact that many refused the vaccine. The major issue here is the fact that there are individuals in this country who, for whatever reason, are against vaccines. The reasons people refuse vaccines are wide ranging, from religious reasons, to medical reasons, all the way down to fear that vaccines will adversely affect the growth of their child. The argument is that people who refuse vaccines are putting those who are too young or too ill to receive vaccines at risk. It is hard to believe people would willingly put the lives of others in danger, but we must remember as citizens of the United States they have the right to refuse a vaccine. The Measles “outbreak” has prompted the discrimination of individuals who are against the vaccine, and has even become a political issue. Many people are calling for laws mandating vaccinations for all, but that seems quite invasive and farfetched. I don’t think this is a political issue, and I am certain that if it escalates to legislation it will only be drawn out for years until the Supreme Court finally shoots it down. The vaccine issue is a public health issue, and it needs to be dealt with as such. Public health officials need to really “hit the pavement” and get the facts out there if they want the public to understand. The best way to get people vaccinated is to have them understand what’s at stake, and calmly address their concerns. Forcing individuals to get a vaccination, no matter how they feel about it, will cause more apprehension and division.