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My year and a half old iPad Air died, it just stopped working, so instead of paying an arm and a leg for a replacement I upgraded to an iPad Air 2. The first thing I noticed about the iPad Air 2 is the lack of the mute/orientation lock switch, and while software additions have made the feature obsolete it is something that takes time getting used to when you realize it’s gone. The next difference is the weight, the iPad Air was extremely light, but Apple has somehow figured out how to trim it down even more. The chassis of the Air 2 is just slim enough that it no longer fits inside of the protective cases for the original, but I guess that’s all the more reason to buy new ones. Internally, the iPad Air 2 has an upgraded processor and a larger midrange storage size. The boost in processing power allows the iPad to run more applications and to work a bit more smoothly. The Air 2 is the first iPad to feature Apple’s Touch ID and Apple Pay. While the new features are welcomed additions, they seem somewhat useless on the platform. It is just as convenient to unlock an iPad with a code as it is to use your fingerprint. It also seems as though these features could have been part of the previous iPad release without adding to the cost, but I guess Apple has bigger plans for the future of the touch sensor. Overall I would say the iPad Air 2 is a great device if you are working with a 4th generation iPad or earlier, it is not much of a jump from the previous iPad Air, so wait for the Air 3 in October if you want an upgrade. The inexplicable hardware failure of my iPad Air has taught me one thing about Apple, and that is to wait on their first generation products, but as for the iPad Air 2 I am thoroughly pleased and happy with the purchase.