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Isn’t it strange how you could be physically sick, but your brain just won’t allow you to rest? I am dealing with that currently, I have a little cold that should keep me home, but I am just unable to deny myself the joys of Saturday. Getting sick on a weekend is a terrible tragedy, when all you want to do is relax, you have to deal with the fact that you are basically not allowed to. When you go against your body’s wishes and go out anyway, you are denied the joys that come with the weekend. I have been trying to take it easy today as I plan to go out and eat with friends, I know I should probably stay home, but I know I will just restlessly toss and turn in bed. I might as well start loading up on cold medicine and prepare to drink a lot of tea, since I refuse to let a cold take my Saturday away. I like to think, if professional athletes can play games with the flu and broken bones, I should be capable of sitting through a dinner with an “advanced case of the sniffles.” I just hope I don’t get anyone sick today, and that everyone has an enjoyable Saturday.