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While lying in my bed, still not feeling too well, I had a few moments of random thought. I started thinking about the plight of the tall person. Most people would consider me to be a tall guy, and while that is a blessing many would desire, and a trait I would never wish to give up, there are a few bad things about being tall. Here are my top 4 reasons being tall is not as great as you think.

1. Constant inquiry about height

I am constantly measured against people and asked about my height. I know that doesn’t seem all that bad and it is a free icebreaker in any setting, but hearing it everyday does get a bit irritating.

2. Taller People

Meeting people who are taller is almost always extremely awkward. I am not used to looking up at anyone, but when the time comes it’s just weird, I am taken completely out of my comfort zone of eye level or lower.

3. Riding the subway

If you have ever had the chance to ride on the New York City subway system you would have noticed how crowded it gets. Being tall on the subway leads to a few issues, one being your fellow “strap hangers” will at times unnecessarily violate your personal space, in strange ways. Even at times when the train is not crowded at all, I have had individuals stand so close to me that I felt like I was shading them from the Sun. I guess the thought process behind standing so close to a taller stranger is “we are not making eye contact, so it’s not weird,” but it is weird, very weird.

4. Grocery shopping

The last of my disadvantages of being tall is, having to reach down to get the delicious snacks and cereals that I enjoy. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Teddy Grams, but since both treats are generally marketed to children I usually have to squat down or bend to get to them. I have even forgot to pick up my favorite cereal due to just walking by the shelves without looking down, it’s a real travesty.

To be honest I love being tall, as a child I actually wanted to be taller than I am now, but I think this height is just right. There is really not much I dislike about being tall, I am very happy with myself and I encourage others to be happy with themselves no matter what.