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Today is National Pizza Day! And while I don’t know who appointed pizza a day I am grateful that others share my affinity for pizza. I grew up in New York City, the home of the slice, and while I have eaten pizza in many forms and in many countries, I can confidently say New York pizza is the best pizza I have eaten. New York pizza is known for having a thin soft crust, but not too thin, with light sauce and plentiful toppings. I also love deep dish pizza, but since I have never had an “authentic” deep dish pizza from Chicago, I can’t really speak on how it stacks up to its New York brother but I can say it’s not real pizza. Deep dish pizza, while delicious, and packing enough carbs and toppings to feed a small nation, is more of a pasta or soufflé really. I know I am fully writing out of New York bias when I say this, but pizza needs to be foldable, and eatable with bare hands. If I need a fork to eat my pizza neatly, then I have failed my city. As it gets warmer I plan to take a pizza tour of New York City, I estimate roughly 9 pizza shops in my neighborhood alone so it will take a while. I hope to soon be able to head out to Chicago for a deep dish but for now, I will enjoy national pizza day here, in New York “Pizza” City.