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Today I read a blog post that was basically bashing children’s books of the past. One of the books that stuck out to me was, The Giving Tree, and since I have not read that book in a while I decided to check it out once more to see what this guy was complaining about. The Giving Tree is a sweet story about a tree that loves a child, and is willing to give itself for the child’s happiness. In the story the child grows older and increasingly more materialistic, he begins asking for more from the tree. He asks for things the tree cannot provide him with, but the tree still manages to get the boy what he needs. No matter how old the man gets the tree still sees him as a young child and is always happy to see him, and eager to play with him. The tree in this story reminds me of a good parent, while growing up kids go through many phases and changes, they ask their parents for everything, while giving them less time as they grow. Parents in turn give their children what they can and are happy with the child’s happiness, meanwhile the children rarely see the sacrifice, they just see a tree willing to give all it has to them. The writer of the blog, who is a parent, labeled the book as an “introduction to codependency,” since he feels it is detrimental to give everything you are to your child. I see that blogger as a jaded adult and basically a reflection of the child in the book, taking for granted what he has been given as a child and wanting more, I don’t want to speculate too much but I am sure he would give his life for his children. The gentleman who wrote that blog needs to stop looking at children’s books from an adult point of view. The message of The Giving Tree is perfect for a child, its message is to not take what you have for granted because it will not last forever.