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Over the past few days the famous NBC Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams, has been heavily scrutinized for claims he has made about his time in the Middle East. He stated a chopper he was riding in was hit by enemy fire, and forced to make a crash landing. Williams’ claims were disputed by an individual who was present at the time of his tour in Iraq, but that is not the only issue. Williams actually recounted the story multiple times over the last ten years, only once stating he was not in the chopper that was hit. As a Nightly News anchor, Williams is in a position that requires the trust of his viewers, and while I usually take any news broadcast with a grain of salt, it is much harder to try and believe someone who is caught in a lie. Many people have stated it is very likely that Williams simply misremembered the stressful details of his time in Iraq, I find that explanation understandable, but the fact that he has changed the story over the years does hurt that idea. Ever since the probe began into the helicopter story, many other reports by Williams have been called into question, completely damaging his credibility. Brian Williams has been put on a six month suspension by the network as punishment for his reporting, but I wonder if that is really enough. Will a six month hiatus fix his credibility? I think Williams should use this six months to clear his name, instead of being away from the camera, I feel he should take many interviews and reestablish himself as the trusted newsman millions allowed into their homes every night. While he cannot take back what he said, Williams has the chance to explain himself, and apologize for the discrepancies in his reporting. I am sure he will be able to return to a news desk, but it is how he takes his punishment that will determine how the nation receives him upon his return.