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What determines human expectation, and why are some people’s standards so high? If you have ever seen the reaction of a truly needy person who received a gift you will notice they show an extremely honest form of gratitude, these individuals cherish the gifts they are given more so than someone of “privilege.” People are most grateful for gifts they don’t expect, and even more for gifts they don’t believe they deserve. It is now common for people to expect gifts for Christmas, for their birthday, and for other milestones, it has become so common that many individuals will actually get upset if they are not given the gift they feel they deserve. It is funny how in this day and age an item freely given without having to ask has become a “deserved” item. A gift by definition is something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation, if a gift needs no compensation then it should not be expected as a compensation for growing a year older or making an achievement. I understand how a child’s birthday can be more of a celebration for the parents than it is for the child, but I feel like an effort needs to be made to taper expectation in some instances. I am not against giving gifts for special occasions, but I hope in the future when I have children, they are always grateful for what they are given no matter how much they have.