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It is freezing outside, and today I managed to stand outside in below zero temperatures waiting for something that never came. My brother’s favorite show was in town, so he wanted to be part of the studio audience. In order to get in, fans needed to get there early and hope to make the cut. I made the decision to accompany him, and while we did get to the location early enough, we ended up standing outside in the cold for three hours, and left with nothing more than frozen toes. As I was standing outside trying to keep warm, I started thinking about the people who had no escape from the cold. It is blistering cold, and for whatever reason there are homeless people all over New York City who are sleeping outside. I sometimes wonder if the shelters are really all completely full, or if some individuals would rather face the weather on their own, it is really not the weather to be outside. I would love to see the city make better efforts to reach out to the homeless in this weather, but I am aware that some people do not want the help. I have actually met some homeless people who do not want to live in shelters due to certain regulations, I find it absurd that a person would put their life in jeopardy just to satisfy their pride, but it may also be the reason they are in that situation. It is impossible to keep warm without constant motion in below zero temperature, so if you find yourself out there in the cold, please try and stay warm. Also try to buy a hot chocolate for one of the homeless individuals who may need the extra help.