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Today is Valentine’s Day, a day many people observe in order to show their love. This day is celebrated by many, and scorned by others, but why are people so enamored with the idea of this day? Why do people need to use this one day to think about love? I understand the social merits of celebrating this day with a significant other, but I think love should be shown year round with small acts and trinkets. Valentine’s Day should not be the only day you dote on your loved ones, love should be shown everyday. Valentine’s Day is also famous for the amount of people who hate the day with little reasoning behind it, I am most annoyed with Valentine’s Day “haters.” I know some people have had terrible relationships, but why wait until the one day that some choose to actually show affection to release your stream of bitterness. I blame social media for giving these individuals a platform to air their displeasure under the guise of repelling the flood of affectionate postings they see. Everyone should take the time to express appreciation for the ones they love everyday, limiting love to one day a year is one of the reasons love is losing its meaning. Happy Valentine’s Day, and to those who don’t celebrate it, cheer up, it’s still Saturday.