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Last night was the annual NBA Slam Dunk Contest, an event that was once the pinnacle of sports entertainment, but has since lost much of its luster. This year’s event saw a rise in the overall creativity of the dunks over the last few years. Finalists, Zack Levine and Victor Oladipo, showed they were capable of putting on a great show, while keeping the contest competitive. Before this year’s event the contest had been plagued by a lack of variety, and a lack of top talent. While the leagues top player Lebron James has yet to participate in the slam dunk contest, the NBA has been able to effectively show off their young talent through the event. I enjoy seeing lesser known players take part in the contest, but the thing that makes All-Star weekend the marquee event of the year is the showcase of the leagues best talent. The popularity of the NBA seems to be in decline, the league really needs to make an effort to bring new fans into buildings, while keeping old fans satisfied. The NBA All-Star weekend is the perfect time for the league to get fans excited for the upcoming playoffs, hopefully in the coming years they will expand this event to reach a larger fan base.