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Failure is the great adversary of success, but also quite possibly the greatest catalyst for reaching your goals. Robert F. Kennedy once said, “only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly,” and while success never seems close in times of failure, the ability to press on leads to life’s greatest victories. Whenever you find yourself reaching for a goal, there are many setbacks, these can be small or large, a setback isn’t considered failure unless you quit. As life progresses and responsibilities advance setbacks become more common, but with growth comes a natural adaptability to abrupt change. Most people take setbacks in stride, when you know what is important a small speed bump won’t send you off track, but there are also many who cannot deal with setbacks, those are the people who succumb to failure most often. People who cannot deal with setbacks usually stop taking risks, they usually end up failing at their long desired goals due to the fact that they stop trying. Robert F. Kennedy’s quote is most inspirational to anyone who faces multiple setbacks in life, it is a reminder to keep going no matter how risky it may seem, because the achievement will be much greater. Failure is not and should not be an option when looking to achieve your goals, it takes patience, and courage but those who consistently fight through their setbacks will find themselves the most successful.