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Stubbornness is one of the most annoying traits I have come in contact with during my time here on earth. Why is it that the people who often need the most instruction are the most stubborn? I understand when a learned individual is stubborn, but they too need a bit of guidance at times. I believe stubbornness has two major types and both are heavily involved with pride, one wants to be proven wrong, the other wants to do as it pleases. The first type of stubbornness usually comes from a place of knowledge and at often times a place of arrogance. A scientist who is confident in a theory may come off as stubborn. Since the scientist would rather not have others altering their work, they will stand on their hypothesis and experimentations until they are disproven. I am not against this type of stubbornness, because when it comes to proving a point often times you have to be stubborn in order to be taken seriously. The second type of stubbornness that annoys me endlessly is the stubbornness that is deaf to reason and usually comes from a teenager or child. This stubbornness is shown whenever a person does not want to listen to correction or advice. I am all for people learning from their mistakes, but when mistakes can be averted it is just easier to listen to instruction. I find interesting that stubbornness is incompatible with leadership. True leaders learn early on, that the best way to lead is to be flexible, stubborn leaders quickly lose the respect of their followers. In a way, stubbornness is just another pathway to learning, once it is placed aside true progress can begin.