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Today, as I was walking around a shopping district near where I live, I noticed several stores are having store closing sales. There are plenty of small “mom and pop” shops along this strip and every single one seemed to be closing down. I don’t exactly know why they are closing down, nor did I ask the proprietors of these shops, but one thing is certain, two mini shopping malls have recently been built in the vicinity and they are pushing out the smaller stores. None of the “mom and pop” shops are listed among the stores in these malls, which leads me to believe, these small stores have been muscled out of their spot in the market. I am someone who loves the convenience of a mall, but there is just something endearing about walking into a neighborhood store and buying my regular wears. It is sad to think that soon, all of the stores I grew up with will be replaced with corporate chains. I don’t want to get too political, but here in New York the public heavily voted for individuals who claim to be anti big business, and pro middle class, but I have yet to see the benefits promised to the middle class, and small businesses are struggling. It seems like the quest to “build jobs” in America has brought many construction jobs for all of the new malls, and phased out the little guy who cannot afford a spot in these malls. The “middle class” cannot survive on the retail jobs being built everyday, in order to truly grow our economy more has to be done to allow small businesses to grow and eventually export their products. I am saddened to see my neighborhood businesses fall to the wayside, but also hopeful that these business owners will not quit. Anybody who successfully starts a business has the grit to keep going, hopefully the economy will be friendlier to the “little guys” who keep trying everyday.