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I have always had an affinity for Roman numerals. Growing up as a child I was a student who enjoyed getting ahead of the class, and when I learned about Roman numerals I just had to do more exploration. I have always enjoyed the look and progression of Roman numerals, it’s amazing that they are still used today in many mediums. Today is the 50th day of my blog and “L” is the symbol for the Roman numeral fifty. L is the symbol for a loss or a loser in modern times, but the number fifty has much more significance than its Roman numeral counterpart. The number fifty is very significant when it comes to milestones, for instance it is considered the golden anniversary in weddings, fifty years of marriage is no small feat considering the divorce rate in this county. Fifty also marks a “golden” number and gold is a symbol of prestige, a far cry from what “L” denotes in modern times. When I think about the number fifty I consider it as halfway to completion, percentage wise, and it is also considered the midway point of life. While fifty may be halfway to completion, I am not even close to being done with this blog. I have gone over many different topics, but I am still not close to my goal of 365. I usually don’t get this far into many of my blogs, but I hope keep this one going well beyond the set goal, thanks for reading.