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Candlelight Inn is a cozy eatery tucked away on the bustling Central Avenue of Scarsdale, New York. After hearing about the famous Candlelight wings for years I finally got the chance to stop in and give them a try. The first thing I noticed about candlelight is the amount of space, the restaurant are is small, seating only about 30 patrons, but that hasn’t kept it from being wildly popular in this part of New York. This restaurant is always busy, I was lucky enough to be able to grab a spot inside since I was in the area just as they opened their doors today, and I was well rewarded with some great eats. The menu of candlelight is quite extensive, featuring many classic American dishes as well as some Italian favorites, and while I was impressed by the menu I was there for one thing, the wings. Candlelight Inn handles wings a bit differently than most eateries I have been to, while most restaurants serve half wings, candlelight serves full wings, fried and doused in a delicious sauce. I tried their mild wings, which were great, I also tried their teriyaki/buffalo mix wings and I was blown away by the unique flavor. The teriyaki and buffalo mix was almost like a glaze, it was a perfect marriage of flavors that was quite mild and tasty, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys teriyaki but doesn’t want too much of an overpowered flavor. Candlelight Inn is a restaurant that is perfect for anybody craving wings in the Bronx or Yonkers area, the wings are crispy and tasty, and overall a much more rewarding meal than chain restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings. Candlelight Inn is a small restaurant, so if you find yourself in the area prepare for a bit of a wait, but trust me it is well worth it for the wings.