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What exactly has become of growing up? This generation has totally skewed what it means to be an adult, and perhaps it has actually crept into past generations. I ask the question because I have noticed an increasing amount of older people dressing and acting way too young for their age. When I say older people I am not referring to thirty year olds acting like they are in their twenties, but to fifty and sixty year olds acting almost like teenagers. I can not fully vouch for the past since all I know about it is what movies and my parents tell me, but it doesn’t seem like the older generations were so enamored with the pop culture of the time. In the 1960s people who went along with pop culture were considered “hippies,” and by in large scorned by the older generation, yet today I see older individuals trying to emulate today’s “hippy” who is in the form of a “hipster” or “thug.” Maybe I am too young to understand a desire to harken back to the days of my youth, but I already have a dislike for some of the trends of kids these days. Perhaps life is just cyclical, and in 40 years millennials like myself will be as disillusioned with the actions of the youth as “the silent generation” was with the actions of the “baby boomers” of the 60s, or maybe the next generation’s creativity will be less social and more scientific, demanding our time and attention. All I can plainly see is that, this generation has turned growing up into the next generation’s problem. I love growing at my own pace, and as crazy as this planet is, I understand social change needs to happen, but I feel like the current dominant generation is doing too much to shine a light on what needs to be changed and too little to make a change. The kids who are growing up today are going to have a laundry list of social and environmental issues they must tackle since today most people are just too busy tweeting about what needs to be done. I don’t want to bash millennials because I feel like we are a great, very progressive, generation, but I would love to see more older people getting into the habit of making change in the world. The world isn’t getting any younger, so I hope this generation will start to embrace getting older, I for one will do everything I can to make sure I am a respectable elder with knowledge to share, and not a sixty year old man, dressed like a kid, trying to get into a future club to hear robot music.