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A lie is a false statement that is intentionally told to mislead others. Lies can also be done in actions and deeds, but generally speaking lies are spoken. When I think about the lies I have heard throughout my life I like to wonder, why do people even lie? I guess the best way to answer that question is to look back at my own life and see when I have lied for whatever reason. There have been times I told lies in order to keep others safe or in order to spare the feelings of others, but truthfully most of the lies I have told were completely for selfish reasons. I have told lies in order to have people see me in a different light, and I have even at times lied to keep certain things away from people. I believe lying is wrong, but everyone at some point in life has lied, and perhaps their reason for lying was much better than the consequences of the truth in their mind. I understand that everyone, including myself, has told a lie, but I find it annoying when I speak with chronic pathological liars. I have worked with and communicated with many individuals that have embedded lies so deeply into their daily conversations that I cannot even believe the simple statements they make. When people lie they are trying to hide the truth, but once a lie is found out all trust is lost, and every statement draws skepticism. There are many reasons people lie, but it is just better to stay quiet, or to tell the truth and take the consequences. It is not worth it to get the momentary satisfaction of a lie, at the risk of the trust of those you care about.