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The New York Yankees have officially lost it. The Yankees where once a baseball franchise that struck fear into the hearts of their opponents, along with their massive payroll the Yankees were once a powerhouse of “purchased” talent. In recent years the Yankees have decided to try and build the team from their minor league talent, a tactic that has yielded some promising talent but very little promise. The Yankees were once the team everyone loved to hate, they would sign the best talent for the most money and win championships, but since the passing of owner George Steinbrenner, the team has lost much more than just its CEO. Under the leadership of “The Boss,” as Steinbrenner was affectionately known, the Yankees had a certain moxie about them, fans hated them, players hated them, but when given a chance to wear the pinstripes those players quickly conformed to the Yankee way. There was a time in the late 90s when the Yankees had the ability and the bankroll to sign any player, today the Yankees failed to sign a much needed prospect, even worse is the fact that they allowed their mortal enemy and eternal rival, The Boston Red Socks to sign the highly talented Yoan Moncada. The Yankees have been known as “The Evil Empire” for years, as a nod to the Star Wars franchise, but today it has become increasingly apparent that there has been a shift in the force, and it looks like the Yankees are going to need much more than Luke Skywalker to regain the balance. I am a Yankee fan so I am not exactly cheery about their current condition, I guess I can do as all Yankee fans have done for years, rest confidently on our laurels, and thank God that we are not Mets fans.