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It is amazing to consider the fact that humans have lasted so long on this planet. Often times we look at luxuries of life as items we “could not live without” but considering the many people, even in this era, who live without these things, it is easy to distinguish these luxury items from those of necessity. I recently watched a 60 minutes report by the late Bob Simon, about the Moken people of Burma. These people have survived for centuries without the help of modern technology or even the modern advancements in medicine that many people in first world regions currently need. These people fully learned to live off of their land, they have adapted perfectly to swimming and spear fishing, and can be considered almost superhuman for their underwater endurance. The report centered on how the Moken people were able to survive the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 by following signs they recognized and legends they’ve heard. The people noticed the water receding several hundred yards, then began to make their way to higher ground, warning others of the danger as they fled. The Moken people are a perfect example of human resilience, I have said in in a previous blog that humans are some incredible beings, but these people are showing they can thrive in any condition, all without the help of modern technology. If the Moken had our modern technology, and were busy using mobile phones or televisions, perhaps they would never have noticed the signs, they would have all been wiped out essentially due to technology. The longevity of the Moken people shows that technology may not be as necessary as we think, and perhaps if it were not so intertwined with our everyday lives, all humans would be more powerful and perceptive.