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How did it get so late so soon?

– Dr. Seuss

Time is a topic that I could probably ramble on about forever, but for the sake of sanity and time itself, I will limit this posting to merely one of times many aspects. If you have ever had fun at any point in your life, you will have noticed how quickly time passes, it is almost as if time itself is sped up by enjoyment. On the other hand, time seems to be stretched and slowed in times of peril or turmoil. It is interesting that time is the same for everyone, no matter how it is calculated, but time is still relative to the individual in the moment. A practical example of the relativity of time can be seen in a car accident, for an observer a car can spin out in an instant and three seconds will seem as such, but for an individual in the car it will feel like slow motion, and three seconds can seem much longer. I am always reminded of the theory of relativity when I think about time, more precisely time dilation, time dilation basically explains how a change in time recorded by two observers for the same event can differ, based on their relative movement. While time dilation is pretty advanced and won’t be observed while driving a car, it does help explain the relativity of time itself. I believe time dilation can be observed in the human brain, our thoughts move extremely fast, and it is not completely absurd to say two people can experience time differently while sitting in the same room. Overall the best way to look at time is as an object that is always moving. Make the most of time, because no matter how it is being perceived, it is finite to those in each moment.