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A skill is the ability to perform a task, skills can be learned or taught and they go a long way in forming who we are as people. As a child it seemed liked learning skills was easy or necessary, whenever I was taught something, I just learned it, giving little thought to the task at hand. During adulthood, skills are perhaps more beneficial, but even the most simple of tasks can seem like a chore to learn. There is a common phrase that goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and that seems to go for some humans as well. I would never say adults can not learn new skills, since some of my most cherished skills were learned in adulthood, but it is possible that much like a dog, humans carry a certain level of stubbornness when it comes to learning. I enjoy learning, I learn things pretty quickly, but I have to admit I usually procrastinate heavily when it comes to teaching myself a new skill. When I think about it, it seems like the older a person gets, the harder it is to teach them new skills. I have tried teaching elderly individuals how to use smartphones and I can attest to the difficulty they face grasping even the most basic of concepts. While it does take longer to grasp new skills with age, a major factor in learning as you get older is interest. If you are truly interested in learning a new skill then you will put in the extra effort necessary to fully grasp it. Learning and developing new skills is extremely important, not only can the skills learned save a life, but learning new skills can keep you alive. The human brain is like a muscle, if it is stagnant for too long it can lose its potency. Try and teach yourself a new skill every once in a while, it is better to take 5 years to learn a new skill than to let your brain go to waste.