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Everyone has critics in life, and people who decide to honestly air their opinions rarely use a filter. I am all for criticism, since it means others are taking notice to what I am doing, but I commonly hear people asking only for “constructive criticism.” Constructive criticism is a form of criticism, which is meant to bring about an improvement in a product. I understand many people don’t want their “feelings” hurt, so they would rather not receive general criticism, but all criticism can be constructive if the opinions expressed are taken into account and used to better a product or work of art. Criticism by definition, is judging the merits and faults of something in an articulate way, so if a “critic” is baselessly badgering something, then their words are not true criticism. I guess the issue today is the fact that everyone is a critic, yet everyone does not know how to properly criticize. I am not trying to say speaking negativity is fine if done intelligently, but when an opinion is well stated it can be well received, even by those who disagree with it. I think everyone should be more receptive to true criticism, and more eager to produce it. In this age of Internet reviews, criticism has been relegated to hate it or love it responses, there is no longer any form of true criticism so people do not know how to approach it. Learning to accept criticism is extremely important, whether it is to address a problem with a work, or to continue on with a work in spite of doubters. I do not know what the future holds for critics, hopefully the Internet does not completely kill the art of critiquing.