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Today was a long day of eating as I travelled around New Jersey, trying out some of the food made famous by the Travel Channel and The Food Network. The first stop was a restaurant called Stuff Yer Face, that is known for making gigantic 18 inch strombolis. Stuff Yer Face offers their own delicious iteration of the nacho, known as the Potacho, which are basically nachos made with thick cut potato chips as opposed to corn chips. The potachos were delicious, heavily topped, and perfect as a starter or as finger food for a sporting event. While the potachos were fantastic, I came to this location in order to try the stromboli. The strombolis were very large, and the sauce and toppings were extremely tasty. The sauce used in these strombolis is a special recipe that has a bit of a sweet taste to it, and the toppings are generously spread about the roll. I really enjoyed the Stromboli but if I had to nitpick I’d say the dough was a bit lacking in flavor, while the toppings and sauce more than made up for the dough, the few topping less bites I encountered had to be powered through. The next place I went to was Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, made famous from The Cake Boss television show. This shop boasts a full array of cakes and brownies, as well as fancy designer cakes for special events. Carlo’s Bake shop gets a lot of hype due to the television show, but this bakery reminds me of many other Italian bakeries similar to the ones I can find around The Bronx. There are many good bakeries that a similar to Carlo’s but they just don’t get as much notoriety. The thing I really love about Carlo’s Bake Shop is their prices, they are extremely reasonable considering the popularity of the shop, even though it is famous the prices make this bake shop feel like an everyday neighborhood bakery. I would definitely recommend both of these locations to any foodie with a mode of transportation and a desire to try some interesting foods of New Jersey. I spotted many interesting eateries around New Jersey, I definitely will be back to sample everything, but in smaller portions.