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Today the snow started falling again, and for the northeast it seems like it will never stop. I once loved the snow, and this isn’t even the most snow I’ve seen in my life, but this winter has just been brutally cold and utterly relentless in its onslaught. I am beginning to really dislike the cold, but the great thing about seasons is the fact that they are never here too long. The best thing about seasons is they don’t last forever, at least in this region, and since they don’t last forever I find it a waste of time to concern myself with hating a season. I don’t always like the heat, and I don’t always like the cold, but I know those conditions will come at least twice a year so I can only prepare myself accordingly and bare down until a more favorable season. I like to look at life the way I look at seasons, sometimes things aren’t great, but that doesn’t mean it will last forever. It is important to make sure you look for the good in life and try not to focus on the bad, because much like seasons, the bad times won’t last forever, and you must learn to live with what you cannot control.