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The baseball season is upon us, and in 35 short days we will be able to enjoy 2430 total games. Baseball has the longest season of any of the major sports here in the USA and it seems even lengthier due to the fact that there is no time limit on the game. Last season I went to several Yankees games, the first 2 games I attended lasted over 8 hours and 26 innings combined, now while that sounds heavenly to a true baseball fan, sitting through such a long set of games was quite arduous to a casual fan like myself. The length of the games in baseball has been a topic of discussion for years, with the popularity of the sport slightly dwindling, many have come up with different solutions to the baseball time problem. One major solution that has been proposed this year is a clock that would regulate how long a pitcher can hold the ball before throwing a pitch. I am completely in favor of implementing any kind of rule that would expedite the time it takes to complete a game, and I feel as though this rule is not too invasive, but as with every change it has its opponents. Baseball traditionalists are against any rule that would change the sport they love, but I would argue that this rule has little to no effect on most pitchers. Adding a 20 second “pitch clock” would have no adverse effect on the game of baseball, since very few pitchers take longer than that time to throw the ball. This rule seems to have been made only to appease fans like myself who would rather not sit in an overly extended game. I hope this rule gets approved, and while I do enjoy baseball I am one fan who is fully in favor of any future rule changes that would involve shortening the game. I know many people hate the changes that come to their favorite sports, but as long as the flow of the game is relatively uninhibited I am all for it.