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the dress

Last week there was a photo of a dress that went viral due to the fact that the general public could not agree on its color. The color of the dress was blue and black to some and white and gold to others, but why does it matter? Many people tried finding ways to make the color viewed by others define part of their personality, such as creativity level or intelligence, but the fact of the matter is, some eyes see things differently. Why are people always so ready to find arbitrary ways to differentiate themselves from the rest? I find it hilarious that a small issue of hue can cause so much commotion, but when people started claiming superiority over others this dress really took on a new color. The issue of this dress has become proof of how similar people have become these days, everybody is in a rush to try and find a difference between themselves rather than just being different. I don’t mean the sort of difference that forms groups like we have today, but I mean the true difference that comes from making individual choices, and actually enjoying who you are. While I understand that it is impossible for every person on earth to have completely different ideas, there is a current trend of labeling a difference in ideas as taboo before taking other factors into consideration. The youth of today are under the impression that following the ideas of the norm are uncool, but at the same time they are not willing to deviate from the ideas of “the crowd,” it is as if the only opinion is the popular one. When people are so controlled by pop culture there is no room for differentiation, so they will pick at different factors such as colors seen and favorite foods to determine intelligence and creativity. I can tell that most people, especially teenagers, want to be different and my advice to them is, be yourself and enjoy it. There is nothing more different than an individual who knows who they are, and who is not fazed by the constant onslaught of pop culture’s demands for individuality. In the case of the dress, I know for a fact it is blue and black, but I have seen it in both variations and I would rather not argue about another’s interpretation of color.